Brief introduction

        Pursuing excellence, perceiving world changes with science and technology

        Founded in 2020, Zhongke Yian is a high-tech company with aviation safety as its main business and meteorological, wind power, ecological, medical and other industry services as its subsidiary business. It is mainly committed to the construction of the world's first airport airspace target detection and driving integrated system, which integrates Beidou satellite positioning and tracking, single photon polarization and coherent Doppler lidar detection, medium wave cooling infrared technology, Internet of things real-time tracking system, detection and driving instantaneous linkage system, big data management and multi model comprehensive calculation, and has been  in some airports.provide all-round space-time and multi-dimensional security services the world aviation industry.

        It is a first-class technology R & D team with global service capability, and its cutting-edge technology has been applied in laser remote sensing, environmental analysis, ecological forecasting, artificial intelligence and other fields. The world's leading environment and target sensing lidar can provide uninterrupted monitoring services for cities, villages, mines, industrial areas, public places, as well as the atmosphere, water and soil environment, and provide technical support for improving people's production and living environment and protecting people's physical and mental health in real time.

        Keeping the core values of being loyal to the country and never forgetting the original intention, We adhere to the good wishes of serving the country and benefiting mankind, adhere to the service concept of more integrity, more reliability, more persistence and better quality, focuse on the world-class and global leading goals, closely follow the development needs of the country, keep up with the pace of scientific and technological development, and strive to make the people happier and the world more beautiful!


        The pursuit of excellence, the perception of environmental change with science and technology; love forward, the heart to protect life and health and safety!

        We must not forget our original intention to forge a more reliable and more sensitive Zhongke Yian and make the world more beautiful!


        (1) In 2006, the 7th "Zheng Zuoxin young bird Science Award"

        (2) 2009 president Award for outstanding research of University of science and technology of China

        (3) In 2013, young science and technology award of Chinese Zoological Society

        (4) In 2014, the first prize of military science and technology progress was awarded

        (5) In 2017, Geneva International Invention Exhibition won the first prize

        Technology patent

        (1) A time division multiplexing polarization coherent Doppler wind lidar (national invention patent)

        (2) Rayleigh Doppler wind lidar based on broadband gated coherent detection (national invention patent)

        (3) Coherent Doppler wind lidar based on Microwave differential gain (national invention patent)

        (4) Target detection lidar based on spatial wavelength coding (national invention patent)

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